Shutter jargon

Stiles – the structural right and left vertical parts of a shutter panel.

Rails – the top and bottom horizontal elements.

Divider (Mid) Rails –  these provide additional strength to the shutter panel and allow separate operation of the louvers above and below the divider rail. Mid rails  are placed approximately every 1100mm. You cannot use these beyond 1600mm or you will waive the warranty.

Louvred Shutters –  offer choices of 47mm, 64mm,76mm & 89mm sizes.

Tilt rod – this co-ordinates the rotation of louvers for light, privacy and ventilation. The tilt rod is mounted on the centre of the louver on the face of the panel, or can be offset to one side. For 3 panels across or more from one hinge point we offset these by just 5mm so they don’t hit each other when open.

Frames – these are normally provided with your shutters to which we mount and hinge the shutters.