Other options

There are various other options you can consider for your shutters. The louvers (slats) come in a choice of widths.  We have different tilt rod options as well as hinge choices.  This detail can be discussed if you opt for our home survey.

Louvre Sizes

Louvre sizes

Tilt Rod Options

We offer the centre tilt rod option, or alternatively the tilt rod can be offset to the side.

We also offer an ‘easy tilt’ option on all of our ranges, where the tilt mechanism is hidden within the shutter. This does incur a 10% uplift in the price of your shutters. The easy tilt option is available with 63mm,76mm and 89mm louvers.

Hinge Choices

We offer the following hinge options. Our white and off white shutters come with matching hinges as standard, however you can opt for alternative colours as shown below.  Our bathroom shutter range is only available with stainless steel hinges.