Which Type of Bay Window Shutter is Right for You?

Bay windows can be tricky to furnish with shutters but with our specialist design and installation service you can rest assured your windows will be transformed. If you want bay window shutters, you have several options.

The first is cafe style shutters. These only cover the bottom half of the window and so are more cost effective for those on a budget. They also allow more daylight to enter the room and add a conventional feel to the room – ideal for kitchen and living areas. Cafe style shutters are great for bay windows where full privacy isn’t essential.

We Offer Various Styles of Bay Window Shutter

If you want a full sized blind, you have the option of a tier on tier shutter or a full height shutter. Of course, the number of panels you’ll need depends on whether you want a full or tier on tier shutter and the number of panes the window is split into. This can have an impact on the cost of the shutter; however our Seattle and Boston ranges of shutters are incredibly affordable.

When it comes to choosing a bay window shutter you need to consider the louvre size too. Generally larger windows demand larger louvres, and this fits in with the current trend of larger louvre shutters that is sweeping the country. Even smaller windows can benefit from a larger louvre size, making the space appear bigger and allowing more light into the room.

Bespoke Window Shutters from Stylish Shutters

Whatever type of shutter you have in mind for your bay window, here at Stylish Shutters we can create the perfect bespoke shutter for you. With a range of plantation shutters, materials and colours to choose from, you can create your ideal bay window shutter without breaking the bank.

Why not request a free survey where you can view samples of our bay window shutters to see which would suit your home best? If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.